A scene that I created in Blender some time ago.

A scene that I created in Blender some time ago. Rendered in Cycles. This render was created as a conceptual artwork for the Project Panthera game project by Traevaine. http://www.traevaine.com The first render results: workshop_cycles_render_by_dennish2010-d4wkajr The scene was too dark and the wall texture was too clean. The Final render results: Workshop' I've added three more people and a lot more car parts for the background, also i have improved the lightingThe Car: speedcar_work_in_progress_by_dennish2010-d4uob7g The soldier: GASESOLDIER speed_car_cycles_render_wip_by_dennish2010-d4w3po2 The concept for the car and the soldiers are from our concept artist st-peter. http://st-pete.deviantart.com/ Blenderartists Thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?252459-Workshop

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