BGE Roller coaster for Blender 2.66a

BGE Rollercoaster Blender 2.66a_2
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BGE Roller Coaster Blender
The roller coaster route can easily modified by deformation the curve in Edit Mode. The wagons of the roller coaster are connected to an Armature , the Armature is moved in the Y direction by an Empty and the bones of the Armature are following the path of the curve. I set the Inverse Kinematics of the Armature on iTaSC / Simulation, so the roller coaster adapts properly along the route (Object Data / Inverse Kinematics / iTaSC / Simulation) Here is a short demo video: [youtube=] Here is a video with more environment : [youtube=] This is the first real-time roller coaster for Blender, i think, but I'm not sure, have fun with it Roller coaster Controls: Forward Speed: Right Mouse Button Reverse Speed: Left Mouse Button Blender 2.66a

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