Sketchfast5 competition

Sketchfast5 competition (72 hours time to create a Pixar-like monster) This is my entry for Sketchfast5, a competition from Sketchfab. Sketchfast5 competition Time-lapse video You get a task and then you have 72 hours time to work on it, i thought this time i'm recording my work in progress to make a timelapse video about it. [youtube=] Here is my Monster, i call it Prof. Dr. Armpit (I'm not really good at naming) Sketchfablink: Was fun and I improved my sculpting skills at Dynamic Topology Sculpting in Blender. Dynamic Topology in Blender is awesome to bake some nice textures from high poly to low poly meshs UV Col_map Normal map The eye Prof  Dr Armpit Blendswap_5 Prof  Dr Armpit Blendswap_4

7.11.13 04:21


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