A controllable gun bot for the Blender Game Engine

This is a controllable gun bot which I designed and created some time ago. Click on the image to get to the download.

This is a controllable gun bot
The limbs of the machine recognize with the ground, thanks to python and some floor constraints.
This is a controllable gun Blender Game Engine
I created a very simple ragdoll which registered the ground and transmits it to the armature bones with the help of some helper-empties.This Bot works perfect in Blender 2.66 except that the normal maps are not supported, i think this is a bug.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsG6eqc8Ac0] Music by Aaron Costain
Here is a conceptual drawing

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Trainsetup for the Blender Game Engine

Here is an trainsetup for the Blender Game Engine i made yesterday, it is based on Steering Actuators.

It´s an easier way to animate your train in the Blender Game Engine . For a better understanding of the technique I used, I have marked the different railway carriages with number. You could adjust the speed of the carriages in the logic editor , each railway carriage has a Steering Actuators and there you will find the velocity setting in this demo, the velocity is set to 20.
You can download the blender file on Blendswap, click on the image: start
Trainsetup for BGE (Demo) Info
A illustration about the Logic-setting, to see in full size click on the image:
Have fun with it

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